Stormwater Planning

Stormwater planning addresses watershed needs throughout the city to reduce flooding risks, improve the condition of stormwater infrastructure, and enhance the quality of local waterways. Through comprehensive planning, stormwater Initiatives/Projects  are identified, prioritized, and used to create projects and programs that benefit Aurora’s watersheds and the stormwater runoff that drains through the city to creeks, streams, and rivers. 

These efforts help preserve Aurora’s natural resources, promote the health, safety and welfare of residents, protect property and property values and improve the quality of life of Aurora residents. 

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In 2018, the City of Aurora worked with our engineering firm, Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. to develop a Stormwater Master Plan for the City of Aurora.  This year long process involved surveying and mapping current stormwater routes through town, a comprehensive census of all current stormwater infrastructure (culverts, box culverts, catch basins and inlets, etc.) and public meetings to gather information and input from the community.  These efforts were done in order to determine stormwater management needs, identify potential solutions, and begin prioritizing projects.  

The final product is a comprehensive stormwater plan that will guide the City of Aurora for many years to come; this document will assist with new developement as the City grows, and will provide valuable insight in addressing problem areas within the city.5c8a610bbf63d.image Opens in new window

Stormwater Documents:

Stormwater Master Plan Power Point Presentation

2019 City of Aurora Sormwater Master Plan


2019 Lincoln Street Stormwater Project