Billing and Service Information


Responsibilities & Services

Utility Billing is one of the functions of the Finance Department.

City of Aurora municipal utility services include sewer and mosquito control. Fiance Department staff are responsible for monthly billing, connection and disconnection of City of Aurora sewer services, and payment collection for utility services.

Utility Billing staff work with customers to provide account information, schedule service requests, and answer any questions that may arise concerning your bill. Please contact us if we may be of assistance to you.

Billing Information

Utility Deposit

Utility deposits shall be required from those customers that do not own the property or business where the service is being provided. The deposits shall be as follows:
  • Residential - $60
  • Commercial - $100

Payment of Bills

All bills rendered are due and payable upon receipt and deemed to be delinquent if not paid within 20 days from the day they are placed in the mail. Reminder and disconnect notices will be sent or given according to Section II of Kearney's Procedural Policy.

Delinquency Fee

If the rates or charges billed against each property served by the water or sanitary sewerage system are not paid to the City of Kearney by the due date as indicated on the utility bill, such bill shall become subject to a delinquency fee of five percent of the total bill.

Disconnect Policy

Disconnection will be done according to Kearney's Procedural Policy. No disconnection of any municipal utility will be done on a Friday or any day prior to a holiday. The customer has the right to designate a "third-party" to be notified prior to the discontinuance of service due to nonpayment.