Airport Board

Board Overview

The Airport Board is 7 member board made up of 3 residents who serve 3 year terms and 4 non-residents who serve 2 year terms.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Aurora Missouri Airport Board oversees the adoption and promulgation of all rules and regulations concerning the operation and use of the Aurora Municipal Airport as may be consistent with the public interest and the public health, safety and general welfare. 

The Aurora Missouri Airport Board shall be advisory in capacity to the Aurora City Council, except to the extent specifically provided in this Chapter and shall have no power to obligate or bind the general revenues of the City nor shall it have the power to bind the City for any indebtedness for any purpose. This Section shall be notice to all persons dealing with the Board. 

The City Council reserves unto itself the power and authority to contract for the construction of any building, addition, improvement or services to the Aurora Municipal Airport and unless such contracts are executed and duly approved by resolution or ordinance duly enacted by the City Council, the same shall not be binding upon the Aurora Missouri Airport Board.
Aurora City Code Chapter 150


  • Meetings are scheduled as needed

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Fixed Base Operator:

Aurora Aviation

Board Members

Darold Farless, Non-resident
Term expires: May 2021

Darrin Barton, Resident
Term expires: May, 2022

Justin Richmond, Non-Voting
Fixed Base Operator
Term expires: 10 yr contract 2030

Doyle Ferguson, Non-Voting
City Council Liaison

Mike Davis, Resident
Term expires: July 2023

Rita Engeldinger, Resident
Term expires: May 2022

Donald Francisco, Resident
Term expire: May 2021

Jamie Holder, Non-resident
Term expires: July 2022

Richard Werner, Non-resident
Term expires: July 2022