Aurora City Council Agenda
Aurora City Hall
City Council Chambers
2 W. Pleasant
Aurora, Missouri
 Thursday, November 11th, 2021 - 5 P.M.




Mayor Jason Lewis
Chairman Pro Tem Dawn Oplinger
Councilman Doyle Ferguson
Councilwoman Theresa Pettit
Councilman Tony Kennedy



Pursuant to RSMo 610.021

(1) Legal actions, causes of action or litigation involving public government body and any confidential or privileged communications between a public governmental body or its representatives and its attorneys.

(2) Leasing, purchase or sale of real estate by a public governmental body where public knowledge of the transaction might adversely affect the legal consideration therefor. However, any minutes, vote or public record approving a contract relating to the leasing, purchase or sale of real estate by a public governmental body shall be made public upon execution of the lease, purchase or sale of the real estate;

(3)  Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees by a public governmental body when personal information about the employee is discussed or recorded.  However, any vote on a final decision, when taken by a public governmental body, to hire, fire, promote or discipline an employee of a public governmental body shall be made available with a record of how each member voted to the public within seventy-two hours of the close of the meeting where such action occurs; provided, however, that any employee so affected shall be entitled to prompt notice of such decision during the seventy-two-hour period before such decision is made available to the public.  As used in this subdivision, the term "personal information" means information relating to the performance or merit of individual employees;